Monday, June 29, 2015

A Camp Out at Colonial Beach

Last weekend was our square dance camp out held at Harbor View Campground in Colonial Beach, VA. Last time we were in Colonial Beach the only thing we did was go to nearby Ingleside Vineyard. This time we went down a day early to see the sights. What a great place with so much to do. We only scratched the surface.

Our first stop was George Washington's birthplace which is right on the Potomac River.

This is NOT the original home which was destroyed in a fire. This was a more
 elaborate home built for the bicentennial of Washington's birth in 1932. At that time they
had very little information about the original house. During the excavation for the house, 
they found the foundation for the original a short distance away.

Most homes built on the river had the front door facing the river, 
but when the original foundation was found it showed 
that the sideof the house was toward the river.

Washington lived there until he was three and, later after his father died and his brother Augustine inherited the estate, he spent time there off and on. It's probably where he first learned the surveyer's trade. The Washingtons were not wealthy, but they were land rich. They farmed crops for their table and tobacco as a cash crop for the luxuries they wanted to purchase from England.

The farm reminds me of Jamestown. The grounds are beautiful and there's an informative short film and small museum. We spent several enjoyable hours taking the tour and walking the grounds.

I had to laugh when I saw this poor headless scarecrow dressed
in colonial garb. He reminded me of Ichabod Crane. If you've never read 
Washington Irving's story about the headless horseman, remedy the situation immediately!

 These two handsome creatures cooperated by coming close 
to the fence around their enclosures.

On the way to the burial grounds we passed a fence behind which were several beehives and two beekeepers at work. We stopped to say hello and ask how the bees are doing. It was a young man with his mentor and we chatted for several minutes in beekeepers' jargon. He said his bees were doing well and we shared that ours are also. It is always fun to find other beekeepers on our jaunts.

 They say "knee high by the 4th of July," but with all the rain 
the corn is growing super tall this year. this was next to the burial ground.

 Washington's brother Augustine and his wife are buried here. Also Washington's
 baby sister who only lived six months. So many children died young in those das.

This replica of the Washington Monument greets visitors at the front gate. 
If you get to Colonial Beach don't miss this great attraction. Best of all --- 
it's free. It's a hidden jewel. There were very few people visiting when we got there at 11:00.

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