Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prepping for the Tea Party

We've been busy today getting ready for the tea party: making placecards, baking and decorating mini cupcakes, collecting flowers, and doing beautiful napkin folding. The older girls did the baking and napkins and all of us collected around the table with colored frosting and sprinkles to decorate the cupcakes. Tonight they will pick out their princess outfits and tomorrow we will make the tea sandwiches and set the table. We couldn't do the table today because we are gathering around it tonight for dinner. Check out all our busyness today and start planning your own princess tea. We will have one little prince among us, Max the Wild Thing who will definitely enjoy the cupcakes! Check back tomorrow to see the tea party pictures.

 Grace was the placecard maker and napkin folder.

Good job, Grace. They look beautiful!

Mia mixed and baked the mini cupcakes.

Everybody had fun decorating them.

Can you tell Bianca likes pink frosting?

Grace and Grandma got lots of practice folding the napkins. 
This is a lily fold. It's just like origami only with cloth.

And daffodils are the perfect centerpiece. So cheerful.

And here's Max the Wild Thing, the only little prince at the princess teaparty.

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