Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Baby...New Song of Celebration!

Our twenty-third grandchild was born early yesterday morning and he is definitely a keeper. Little Charlie Francis is as sweet as can be and already stole the hearts of his mom, dad, sister, brothers, and grandparents...oh and aunts, uncles, and cousins. Welcome to the family, Baby Charlie!

For the past few grandbabies, I've made a practice of giving them a special song. Here is little Charlie's to the tune of Here Comes Peter Cottontail.  It had to be that song because Charlie's parents gave the next youngest grandson, Max, a singing bunny for his first birthday on Easter Saturday. It is the rabbit from hell in the opinion of Max's mommy. (She didn't say that, but she left it our house and threatened to re-gift it back to the giver.) Max, however, loves it and starts dancing whenever he hears it play.

So here's Charlie's song. No doubt there will be more verses. I think of them while I'm lying in bed at night. Doesn't everybody go to sleep making up verses for silly songs?

Charlie is our baby boy,
And he fills our hearts with joy,
Keeps us smilin' and laughin' all day long.
All his siblings love him so,
Cuz he's the perfect little bro,
And he's the inspiration for this song.

He makes little coos for Mommy
Gives a finger squeeze to Dad.
There's a smile for sister Rachel,
And for Alex, Zack, and Matt.

Oh...Charlie is our precious boy,
And he fills our hearts with joy.
So we'll sing his praises all day long!

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