Monday, May 13, 2013

Second Bee Feeding: Getting the hang of it already!

I made up a gallon of bee syrup this morning: ten cups sugar, ten cups water, and two tablespoons Honey B Healthy which is a feeding stimulant added to the sugar water. I think I may put some of that solution in a spray bottle. The label says it can be used in place of smoke to calm the bees. When we opened the hives and started stripping out the old ziploc bags, mostly empty, the bees got pretty testy and started buzzing like crazy around us. A little soothing sugar water sounds like a good plan for the next feeding. I imagine if we weren't suited up we would have been stung multiple times.

ingredients for bee syrup

spent feeding bag on grass -- The hive is expanding so rapidly we're
already adding a second box, the "honey super"

Bees cleaned out the bag and are ready for more.

The hive lid makes a good working space. Note the red hive tool. It's used to pop the lid,
separate the boxes, and lift out the frames inside. It can be a challenge
 when the bees glue everything together with propolis.

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