Friday, May 10, 2013

A Visit to the Vineyards and Wineries along Lake Erie

Last weekend we enjoyed the company of our daughter and her husband in a birthday tour of vineyards and wineries along Lake Erie. The wine and cheese weekend offered a choice of 23 establishments with food and wine pairings. In two days we managed to visit seventeen (and stay sober). We took a little vote at the end on the best food, the best wine, and best atmosphere. It was a delightful weekend with two of our favorite people. And here are a few photos.

Best Food! Tomato, bacon, smoked cheddar soup...yum.

Flowers everywhere...a second Spring for Larry and me

Bed and Breakfast on the lake...friendly hosts and lovely surroundings!

Our companions on the adventure

We didn't dream up that pink elephant!

Just one of the lovely tasting rooms

Time out from wining for a walk in the park

Is that the road more traveled? Vineyards everywhere.

Beautiful stonework at this vineyard and a friendly winebartender

Lemon cheesecake...just one of the yummy dishes served with wine.

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