Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Break and Homeschooling Grandparents

We brought our high school home schooled granddaughter back with us from Texas this week, but the caveat was that she had to do her homeschooling with us while she's here. The math tutor (aka Paka, our family name for Grandpa) has been sitting down with her every day to coach Geometry. And the more literary grandma is working on reading Chesterton's Ballad of the White Horse. We also have tickets to Julius Caesar next week and will listen to most of the play on our way to Staunton when we go. It's helpful to jump into Shakespeare's world before you see a play.

We like to help our home schooling kids and this two weeks with our granddaughter is an opportunity not to be missed. She gets to visit with her cousins, be coached one-on-one by grandparents, and enjoy our wonderful Virginia weather. (Well, two out of three isn't bad.)

Our happy chaos will begin with the arrival of our first visiting family tomorrow (Mom, Dad, and five girls) and then the others will arrive on Saturday. The fun extends with the last visitors going home on Tuesday or Wednesday. We always enjoy these boisterous interludes separated by long stretches of comfortable solitude.

May everybody reading this have a blessed Triduum and a Happy Easter season stretching all the way to Pentecost!

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