Wednesday, October 10, 2012

San Angelo, Texas - Halfway to Carlsbad

Sometimes you choose a place by its location and that's how we ended up in San Angelo. It's just about halfway to Carlsbad. And it's an interesting little place to visit. The town was named for both the founder's wife and St. Angela Merici. (Tell me this country has no Christian roots!)

North of town was San Angelo State Park which was great for camping. We had a view of the twin peaks which became a landmark as we traveled back and forth from the park to the town.

Among the sights are one of the best preserved forts in the country with quite a history in the Indian wars, abundant murals, and sheep mascots around town. The river walk is also being worked on with all kinds of funky art along the paved trail. We met one of the artists responsible for the mosaics covering cars and benches. There is a large art center and thousands of visitors were invited to add a piece of colored glass to the murals. We had a delicious anniversary dinner at Miss Hattie's which operated as a brothel until the Texas Rangers shut it down in 1946 - a lovely place with a tin ceiling and brick walls and lots of mirrors, brocades, and atmosphere. We got quite a taste of the old west. Here are a few photos from the fort.

One of my favorite stops was the International Water Lily Garden. What a photo op! Dozens of species were blooming. The lily festival was in September and I can just imagine how lovely that must have been!

Our two-day stop in San Angelo was certainly worth it including a beautiful sunset to send us on our way!

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