Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meeting Up With Aliens - In Roswell, NM of course

Roswell, NM and the UFO Research Museum was right on the path to Albuquerque so how could we not stop? It was actually very interesting and there are plenty of unexplained happenings not only relating to the famous 1947 crash reports, but with the strange crop circles and other unexplained happenings. What I found particularly interesting were the testimonies from folks who described being threatened by government agents to shut up about what they had seen. One display on an archaeology project at the site in 2002 sponsored by the Sci-Fi channel and archaeology professors from the University of New Mexico described the participation of the daughter of Major Edwin Easley who responsible for securing the site in 1947. On his death bed he referred to the victims of the crash as "creatures." So is it all a bunch of hokum? Or is there more to learn? Efforts are being made to declassify everything that had to do with the 1947 events. Whatever the truth, it was an interesting way to spend a few hours.

Larry was particularly fascinated by the crop circles. As one website says:
The specific placement of the shapes indicates that, whoever the circlemakers are, they have an intricate knowledge ofEuclidean geometry (the geometry of a flat surface introduced by the mathematician Euclid of Alexandria). 
So that seems to rule out our dumbed down high school students carrying out a hoax in the middle of the night. And if it is a hoax where are the imprecise crop circles that fail to show the precision these show? Strange! Maybe we do have strange visitors sending us messages. (Cue for the Twilight Zone music.)

Aliens on parade.
Crop circle - the precision of these geometric patterns is unexplained.
Descriptions from the 2002 archaeology dig.

What did Nancy Johnston's dad really see?
Will the real aliens please stand up?

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