Thursday, September 10, 2009

They're on the move!

I'm keeping up with my walking despite a problematic right hip. I figure I better use it or lose it and the exercise doesn't seem to make it any worse. At any rate, a regular route is to the dam and back. I always stop at the river and look for the great blue heron because they are frequently fishing when I walk in the evening. No herons, but a flock of small birds flying about. I couldn't distinguish what they were at first, but after watching for a few minutes and noting the yellow band on the tail I thought they must be cedar waxwings. And sure enough some who rested on a tree branch a little nearer showed the distinctive Zorro mask and the crest.

How I love those dear little birds! It must be migration time for them because that's when you generally see them -- flying in a group and stopping, but not staying, for a short break.

If you haven't taken up birdwatching, you are missing out on one of life's most enjoyable offerings. God mentioned the birds and the flowers in the gospels as well as the fox in his den and other delights of the natural world, so all these creatures must have something to teach us. They all obey God's will by nature. Would that we did by choice instead of so often going our own way to our peril.

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