Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mr. Tumnus' Lampost

Wherever I go I am always on the lookout for Mr. Tumnus' lampost. When we lived in Alexandria, it was just around the corner and I always said hello to Mr. Tumnus when I walked by confident he could hear me even if I couldn't see him. Fauns are shy after all. I haven't found his lampost yet here in Woodstock, but I'm confident I will. On retreat in Maryland a few weeks ago I found it easily and kept my eyes peeled for Mr. Tumnus himself although I never caught a glimpse of him. But then you never know about fauns...and beavers...and bears...and other talking animals. They speak when inclined and can be private and quiet when they choose to be.

We have some deer who turn up in our orchard when the apples are on the trees and I'm sure if I asked they would tell me the apples are fine. Sometimes the babies stand on their hind legs and bat at the ones still hanging and then fling them around when they fall. Oh, by the way, if you meet mole, toad, and rat sit down for awhile and listen to their tales of the river. No doubt they will have a full picnic hamper that they will open and you can share treats as well as stories.

And don't forget to turn off the TV and introduce these delightful friends to your children. They will never fail to be pleasant companions for them and take them on exciting journeys to lands of adventure.

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Gargamella Creations said...

I think I've found Narnia here in Athens, OH. There's a beautiful path with a river on one side and a college campus on the other side. There are trees and Ella gets so excited over the ground hogs, ducks, geese and cranes we see. She loves to go running with me!

Great post!