Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Visit and a Birthday Party

Brendan was scheduled to have a birthday sleepover in early December so lucky Gramma and Paka had two potential party crashers come to visit. Lauren and Ryan are always lots of fun and we had a great time playing Sesame Street Dominoes, reading books, and watching one of Brendan's favorite videos, Rikki-Tikki Tavi, Rudyard Kiplings story about the little mongoose and his battle with cobras in the garden. I have to admit it is one of my favorites as well and I always sit down to watch it with the kids.

One of our projects was baking a cake so we could have another birthday party for Brendan when his mom and dad came down with him and baby brother Sean to pick up the siblings. Lauren got the job of putting the candles on the cake and did a good job! Brendan almost set off the fire alarm with all that smoke!

We had a hard time keeping up with Sean who was crawling all over and pretty determined to climb the stairs. He is pulling himself up and was clearly getting ready to walk. The next time we saw him (about a week later he actually took one brave step before dropping down). He was very fond of the chocolate cake, but cleaned up nicely after dinner.

Ryan beat me at least four times at Sesame Street Dominoes and has been crowned king and was very proud of himself. I think Lauren beat me once too. Gramma was not doing well and I wasn't letting them win either! I'll have to teach them to play Scrabble. I think I still have the advantage there -- temporarily.

Lauren enjoyed playing with the doll I made for Tara for her sixth birthday. I don't remember if she has a name but she lives at our house for the time being and will come down to play with Lauren and go back up when Lauren leaves to wait the next visit.

Jamie and Jonathan came over to join the fun with little Marianna who was dressed in a little bear snowsuit. Let's see, at Halloween she was a dragon. (or was it a dinosaur?) And she has several other animal hats. Yesterday she when she came to visit while Mom and Dad went shopping she had on her bunny hat. It keeps that little fuzzy peach head warm until she grows a little more hair.

Can't wait until the next visit which will probably be Christmas when we will have a real houseful with all the local families. Can't wait!

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Martina said...

that's a lotta smoke on brendan's cake!! i can't imagine what his birthday smoke wil look like as he gets older, lol. call the fire dept!!