Monday, December 29, 2008

On the fifth day of Christmas...

I have been too busy enjoying my Christmas visitors to blog, but it's quiet time and the munchkins are reading or sleeping so it's a good time. Tara and family stayed from Christmas until yesterday, when we celebrated Lauren's birthday, which is usually the Feast of the Holy Innocents. Since it fell on Sunday this year the Feast of the Holy Family took precedence.

Christmas was a great adventure with fifteen around the table and two high chairs. I think that was about the limit at the table unless we get some long benches to squeeze everyone together. I love all the Christmas decorations, especially the stable which we set up early in December with the manger empty and waiting for the Christ Child.

We put up the Christmas tree on the 23rd. This was the first time since Alice was old enough to help put ornaments on the tree that we decorated it alone - kind of sad. But so many ornaments have memories attached that, despite having no children, we basked in the warmth of Christmases past.

One big adventure of the holiday visit was Rachel climbing our big weeping willow, getting out on one of the branches and losing her nerve. We thought we might have to call the Fire Department to get Rachel out of the tree but David climbed up and guided her backwards at which point she could have climbed out herself but enjoyed the adventure of using the ladder to climb down.

Larry has been giving football clinics to the older kids. Alex is blocking Brendan.

The little ones who are too young for football ride bikes, and enjoy the swings. We had incredible weekend weather with temperatures in the upper 60s. If that's global warming bring it on! We went to the park on Saturday (I forgot the camera and missed some great shots on the tire swing). We also enjoyed back yard fun on Sunday before Tara and Lawrence left.

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