Saturday, July 1, 2017

The New Look at Camp Kreitzer

Have you noticed the new photo on the Camp Kreitzer home page? This Spring we decided to put a front porch on the house. After going around the county taking photos of different styles we chose a plantation style porch that could also serve as a second story fire escape. The kids have already practiced climbing out the window and when we said we might put in an upstairs door they begged us not to.
Getting ready for the footers.
The building took about three weeks because of intermittent rain and the grandkids enjoyed seeing the equipment and practicing as bulldozer "drivers." We're pretty excited at how it turned out and plan to have stargazing adventure some clear night. My spotting scope can serve as a small telescope to look at the moon if nothing else.

Since the porch was completed we spend many evenings sitting out there praying our rosary and watching the bunnies. We seem to have a bumper crop this year and often see them chasing each other. I never knew bunnies were such clowns. I thought that was the squirrel's job!

Coming right along. We can finally use the front door again!
Our heavy equipment operator.
Bulldozer, what big teeth you have!
Come visit and set awhile on our front porch. I'll serve a favorite snack of our grandkids: pretzels with honey.

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