Thursday, July 14, 2016

Our Fresh Air Girls Have Come and Gone...

...and we survived another year and had a lot of fun. A few highlights from the week:

After picking up the girls at the bus in Harrisonburg, we head to Brewster's for ice cream. -- It's become a tradition. We opted for cups instead of cones because it was so hot -- less messy, especially for the little ones. Don't worry about the little guy. I'm holding his ice cream cup.

And then there was the hike on the Skyline Drive and wading in Land's Run.
We started with a picnic at the Visitor's Center at Dickey Ridge near Front Royal.

We stopped at several of the overlooks to drink in the view.

Then we parked and hiked. Larry pointed out poison ivy on the trees. "Leaves of three, let it be!"

We walked about 3/4 mile down to the cascade and stream and waded. Happy feet!

Heading toward the entrance at Rte. 211, we saw cars stopped, so we joined in the fun of watching Br'er Bear wander in the woods. We had just prayed, "Lord, please let us see a bear!" Amen!


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