Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Poem for All My Little Bird Watchers

Cardinals and sparrows don't share well. 
I was cleaning off my desk today and came across a poem I obviously started when I was recovering from my rotator cuff surgery. How could I tell? Easy. I obviously wrote it with my left hand when I wasn't allowed to move my right arm -- at least the beginning of the poem. I apparently added some stanzas later after I could lift my arm and use my right hand again because those were in cursive.

I truly enjoy writing little poems for my grandkids. This one is about the birds that come to my feeder. How I love them. We took the feeders down for the summer. We start to attract bears in the late spring and that means they have to go. We don't want any bears near our bee hives!

So here it is:

Black-capped Chickadee
The Chickadee and Friends at the Bird Feeder

The chickadee is certainly
The sweetest little bird
With cheerful call of “dee-dee-dee”
It is her favorite word.

She isn’t bossy like the crow
Or greedy like the jay
But like a black-capped little nun
Awaits her turn at tray.

She snatches up a tiny seed
Then flies away and hides
To eat her meal in privacy
She has a modest side.

Tufted Titmouse
Not so the tufted titmouse
Who stays to eat his meal
With a bang-bang-bang and a chip-chip-chip
He breaks the shelly shield.

The bright red cardinal with his mate
Comes frequently to eat.
They often squabble as they dine
Then make a quick retreat.

Northern Flicker
The flicker lands and joins the crowd
He’s polite as he can be
And eats with all the little birds
In peaceful harmony.

The sparrow comes, a nasty bird
Who chases off the rest
Then jumps and scatters seeds galore
He makes a terrible mess.

The finches too are out en masse
The gold and purple too,
Adding color to the mix
With lovely rainbow hue.

Carolina Wren

The plump brown wren comes visiting
And sings with voice so grand
It’s easy to imagine she
Could be a one-bird band.

So fill the feeder up again
The squirrel will say thanks too.
The restaurant for both bird and beast
Provides a stunning view.

Yes, restaurant  feeders are a joy
For those who love the birds
Offering hours of watching fun,
A pleasure beyond words.

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