Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Fun: Snowman Building and Sledding

Well, Larry and I have been out playing in the snow for the weekend and we are both ready for a glass of wine and a nap. Anya and Bianca came for a sleepover and we spent two days in the snow sledding, slogging (It's deep walking up the hill!), and snowman-building. They also went with us to the nursing home where I take Communion and all the residents were charmed. They love to see the little one!

Bianca (the three year old) told us she wanted to "stay until Spring" but, of course, Mommy put the nix on that. We took the two girls home in the afternoon and visited for awhile. When we got up to go Bianca started to cry. Nice to be popular with our grandchildren! I assured Bianca she could come back sometime this week and next time we'll bake cookies because we didn't get around to doing that with all our other activities: making shell necklaces with our treasures from the Florida beaches, sledding, building a snowman, making snow ice cream, playing "go fish" and other card games, doing puzzles, and watching saint movies with popcorn.

What a great weekend! I hope yours was as much fun.

Bianca (in front) didn't want to sled yesterday, but today was lots warmer.
She kept wanting to take another ride down. We must have gone a dozen.

Even Paka braved the slopes today for two runs!

We decided our snowman looked like Olaf from Frozen.

making (and eating) snow ice cream - yummy!


Unknown said...

I love this, Mary Ann. It looks like all of you had a great time together. Keep posting pictures and videos.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

We sure did. I'm still paying for all that up and down but it was worth it.