Saturday, June 21, 2014

Looking Back at Spring on the First Day of Summer

And what a fun and busy Spring it was: two First Communions, a Confirmation, an 8th Grade play where our granddaughter did a masterful job as the Queen of Hearts, another granddaughter as Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz, a wonderful choral performance and piano recital, and two high school graduations (Sorry we couldn't get to the one in Austin -- love you, Ashley!). 

Whew! Does it sound like a family marathon?

Lauren liked the cake I baked to order - chocolate/vanilla i
Matthew with a flower for Mary's May altar.
"Off with her head!"

Lots of bee adventures filled our spring as well. We divided our hives and made two nukes, but ended up with serious queen challenges and had to recombine the nukes to make one new hive. That one is now the strongest of our three. The hive that swarmed is the weakest. What an adventure! But after adding queen cells to the two queenless hives (Thanks, Frank!) we finally have all three "queen right" hives with the workers busily bringing in nectar. Good thing we have great mentors giving us advice and practical help. We hope to get at least 100 pounds of honey this year. We'll be checking during the coming week and will see how many frames of capped honey we have to harvest.

Now I'm looking forward to fun summer adventures!

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