Friday, June 21, 2013

Six Pretty Princesses and a Victorian Tea Party

Did you ever meet a little girl who didn't like to dress up as a princess and feel special? Even little wild things like tea parties after the tree climbing, tumbling, and bug collecting. So today at Camp Kreitzer we planned and hosted a fancy tea party. We filled most of the morning planning and implementing. It started with pulling out all Gramma's pretty plates and silver (most of which belonged to my own grandmother) and setting an elegant table. As we were working I remembered a book on my cookbook shelf with instructions on folding fancy napkins. We chose an easy patter, the fan, for our tea.

To complete our table we needed flowers, so we all took scissors and baskets and went out to collect flowers, leaves, and grasses for our arrangements. Some ended up on the table, one in front of the Blessed Mother and two decorating side tables. What a display of beautiful summer elegance!

The only thing left to put on the table? Goodies -- and there were plenty of those: deviled eggs, marscapone and jelly tea sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cookies, raisin and blueberry scones, lime and cherry jello, and three choices of "tea": real tea (not popular except with Gramma), hot chocolate, and apple juice. Several of the princesses (especially the 22 month old) enjoyed clinking tea cups and saying "Cheers!"

Of course, the most important part of a princess tea party is the guest list -- the princesses! And we had a gaggle of gorgeous girls to fill the bill.

We were especially blessed to have an elegant waitress (princess herself) to serve us and she did a masterful job. She also did double duty as scone chef.

What do you think? Do the princesses look like they are having a good time? Mmmmm.....

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Old Bob said...

Cuter than cute! Thanks!