Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On the Second Day of Christmas...

Big snow of 2007 -- 2012 couldn't measure up.
We got snowed in!  Our son and family were going to Pennsylvania from our home to visit his sister and her family. It was snowing vigorously this morning causing speculation and vacillation about whether they would try it or not since west of us the weather was even worse. As he left, David said we should pray if they weren't meant to go that they couldn't navigate the hill down the road. Larry and I began our rosary praying that if they would be in danger the Lord should prevent them getting up the hill through the intercession of St. Scholastica. Why St. Scholastica, you ask? She was a nun and the twin sister of St. Benedict of Nursia one of the founders of monastic life. Scholastica and Benedict usually arranged a visit once a year at a residence halfway between their respective monasteries. On one occasion, the last time they would ever meet, Benedict got ready for the return trip since, according to his rule, the monks could not be away from the monastery overnight. Scholastica begged him to stay so they could continue their holy conversation but he refused. At that, Scholastica prayed that God would prevent Benedict from leaving since he would not listen to her pleas. Such a torrential storm began that Benedict and his companions were forced to stay. God granted her prayer and filial love that day prevailed over Benedict's monastic rule.

Today, our visit with our son and his family was extended by inclement weather and an icy hill that forced David to back up the car all the way to our driveway, about a tenth of a mile. While we are delighted for the extra time together we are sad for the grandchildren who were disappointed not to be going to see their cousins after all. 

The prescription for disappointment is (after exhortation to offer it to get forgotten souls out of purgatory) a six-hour Pride and Prejudice marathon for our very unhappy almost teenage granddaughter, outdoor snow play, Yahtzee, a jigsaw puzzle, and plenty of goodies. It is certainly an appropriate way to continue the celebration of Christmas! 

We hope all those affected by this big snowstorm are safe and enjoying the blessings of family life. 

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