Thursday, October 13, 2011

Denver Day One

Wednesday, October 12

Our few days here in Denver have primarily been about visiting. We arrived Tuesday in late afternoon and settled into Cherry Creek State Park, a lovely city campground with roomy campsites, a lovely lake, good internet, and nice trails. But we haven't been at the site enough to enjoy the amenities. Wednesday we dawdled a little over breakfast and I prepared dinner to take to my cousin's later. She's recovering from a torn rotary cuff and said her husband would be happy to have somebody else do the cooking for a change. After I was done doing my dinner prep, we drove downtown to the Cathedral for noon Mass which was said very reverently by an elderly priest. He ended the Mass with the Latin blessing which brought back fond memories of my childhood.

What a gorgeous church -- all white marble with magnificent stained glass windows and beautiful statues. I was enthralled as I walked around taking photos. I particularly love Simeon. Thinking about his rejoicing on seeing Mary and the Christ Child never fails to make my own heart leap with joy. In the back of the church behind the organ is a lovely rose window with (I presume) St. Cecelia.

After Mass, we decided to check whether 40 Days for Life had a site in Denver and, yes, they were praying at the Planned Parenthood facility only fifteen minutes from the cathedral. So we went over and met several women from St. Thomas More Church which had the vigil for the day. In view of the fact that our diocese is under the patronage of St. Thomas More, we felt our presence with the St. Thomas More group was providential.

We prayed our rosary and then did a "Jericho walk" around the facility saying the St. Michael exorcism prayer. The place is like a fortress with a high metal fence that's covered with thick black screening. There's an electronic door that goes across the driveway and signs warning that conversations may be recorded. The building is large and the employee parking lot had dozens of cars -- not too surprising when you consider the millions they get from taxpayers. One of the women warned me to move because I had inadvertently stepped over a yellow line painted on the driveway that apparently delineates the separation between the public sidewalk and PP's private property. I pondered how like a prison the place was, appropriate for the devil's work. He binds and enslaves so chains, locks, and bars fit his m.o. The only thing missing was a sign over the driveway saying "Abandon hope all you who enter here."

About half a dozen cars went in while we were there, but most appeared to be employees and they parked on the opposite side of the property from the client lot. We saw a few people leave who looked like they might be clients; it was hard to tell. The women from St. Thomas told us Planned Parenthood has been open for about three years. A pro-life group recently bought a house across the street which will be a pregnancy help center, a blessing for those counseling who can escort the moms there. Hopefully, they'll be able to offer ultrasounds. It's hard to kill a baby after you've been introduced.

The pro-abortionists are always talking about how much they care for the women, but they don't operate a single help center. Those are run by a few paid directors assisted mostly by volunteers serving out of love. How many babies would never have seen the light of day without the blessed service of Christians reaching out in love to desperate moms?

After our hour at PP we went back to the camper to pick up dinner and go to Fort Lupton to visit my cousin and her husband. What a delightful visit! Kathy and Al have about ten acres and they have two beautiful horses, Maisie and Cammie. I wanted to kick myself for not taking pictures of the horses. Kathy competes as a sulky driver and also rides, but she's out of commission for awhile until her shoulder heals. She showed me a lot of her craft work and she is an amazing seamstress. She quilts, makes purses and pillows, and "pillow case" dresses to send to the missions. I used to sew but do very little now l(and was never very good at it anyway) and I am always impressed by the skills of others. It was a great visit and made me wish Kathy and I were neighbors.

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