Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sturgeon Bay and Door Country, Wisconsin

 Sturgeon Bay and the Door Country Peninsula are like the shore of an inland ocean: plenty of surf, beaches, and beach towns that reminded me of Cape Cod. And all the good stuff that goes with it including homemade ice cream shops. Sturgeon Bay had decorated fish all over town (presumably sturgeon). And Door County has beaucoup lighthouses! Do you know there are more lighthouses in that one county in Wisconsin than anywhere else in the country? Wow!

We could have spent a week visiting the state and county parks, but had to settle for just a few. We chose Cave Point county park for its interesting rock formations  caused by the pounding surf and Peninsula State Park for its view of the Bay. We loved all the rock sculptures on the beach and contributed to a few.

We also visited the lighthouse north of Bailey's Harbor where we stopped for homemade ice cream at the Yum Yum Tree. (Larry had amoretto almond chocolate. I had two junior scoops because I just couldn't decide between exteme chocolate and coconut. Yum-yum doesn't do it justice.) That gave us energy to climb the big observation tower at Peninsula Park where we met a nice couple celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary. We took each other's pictures with the charming village of Ephraim in the background.

Heading back to our campground we watched the sun setting over the bay. We stopped to snap a picture, but I just missed the sun sliding below the horizon. Still pretty. And then back home for a late dinner of salmon, summer squash, and salad. We've been eating most meals in and enjoying it. We generally pack a picnic for lunch and prepare dinner in the camper. It makes our little house on wheels feel like home.
Just call me Atlas, holding up the world.

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elf said...

Keep these posts coming, Mary Ann. I check these out every day and am disappointed when there is not a new one. I just reviewed the older posts and am glad that I did because I was able to see all the great pictures you had put up. It looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. It seems like a second honeymoon, right?