Monday, August 22, 2011

Camp Kreitzer Swimming Hole Gets a Facelift

When we opened the pool this year we knew it was the time to replace the liner. It was coming away in all the corners and around the filter and the flow point. In May, after weeks of heavy rain, the water table was too high to do it. But after a dry six weeks of summer and after all our Texas campers headed home a week ago, it was time to get the project underway.

The pool people came last Monday and, in no time, the swimming hole was empty and dry. They returned the next day and in only a few hours they had the new liner in and the pool ready for filling. Twenty-two thousand, five hundred gallons later we are back in business with a water temp that started at a brisk 65 degrees.

The new liner is beautiful, as you can see. The darker color makes the pool look much bluer than the old pale liner and I really like the "pebble" look. We went in Saturday for the first time since replacement when the air temp was 90+ and the water temp was 78. It was hot so the water was really refreshing.

So Camp Kreitzer is ready for more visitors, but you better hurry because we'll be closing up soon.


Jessica Kreitzer said...

Looks good. Not sure I'm getting in there any more this summer, though. Water temps need to go way up! We'll either make it out there in the next few weeks or have you over for dinner. We need to hand over the iPad with a lesson.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I was playing with your camera yesterday and it seems really easy to use. I think I'll be more likely to use that than the big camera Jonathan brought over.