Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm behind in my blogging - back to the Strawberry Patch

The strawberries are all gone - consumed in frozen drinks, on top of ice cream, and just popped into the mouth at any old time a sweet, cold treat sounds good. But the memories are still fresh and the photos of the outing are worth posting a month late. We had a little helper along when we went picking in mid May. She ended up covered in strawberry juice with only the bottom of her bucket filled. Marianna did a good job, though, identifying ripe ones after a Strawberry 101 lesson from Paka.

Ah...I wish the season went on for several months instead of just a few weeks.

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Libby Burris said...

These pics are great. Looks like Paka was having a fun time showing her the ripe ones. I have a fascination about babies hands. Love the pic of her holding the strawberry.