Saturday, October 31, 2009

"All Aboard:" A Visit to Wilmington's Train Museum

Wednesday was overcast and sprinkly so, after browsing through our collection of brochures, we decided on a trip to downtown Wilmington's Train Museum. It was located near the river boardwalk and had an engine and caboose outside. Inside were a number of interesting displays as well as an incredible model city with several railroads running through it. The museum had a scavenger hunt sheet and there would plenty of things to seek and find in the display.

We enjoyed exploring the caboose which was a little apartment on wheels with two benches that could serve as cots for sleeping. An interesting fact we discovered is that the engineer wasn't in charge of the train, but the conductor. And back in the caboose were two seats at the top where the railroad men could sit and keep an eye on the tracks and let the engineer know what was happening. Dad and I are still spry enough that we climbed up the ladder for the conductor's eye view out the caboose windows. Tomorrow: the miniature train city...


Ioannes said...

Mary Ann,

Sorry this comment isn't german to the topic of Wilmington's Train Museum. However, thanks for visiting my blogsite, Commentarius de Prognosticis. I responded to your comment thusly:

I have updated my blogsite with additional information that seems to corroborate your sentiments [about CCHD]:

I have also contacted the administrator of the Social Justice and Peace Office of the Diocese of Raleigh with these concerns. Apparently, however, because of the liberal Democrat bias in that administrator, there is no response.

That being said, I do have a great deal of faith and trust in Bishop Burbidge. I do not know how much he knows about the sad state of CCHD's history of Marxist support. Nevertheless, it is important never to lay one's hands on the Lord's Anointed. Though King Saul sought to murder David, David said those very words when he had Saul in his grasp in that cave so long ago. You and I surely are no better than he.

Now yes, I acknowledge that there have been unscrupulous and dishonest clergy in the Church. The Church is for sinners and sick people, and not all clergy are well. But the Bible says that the gates of hell shall not prevail and they have not prevailed in spite of man's weakness. Just as there were priests and bishops who martyred people like Joan of Arc during the Middle Ages, so also today are there some priests and bishops who replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the false gospel of social justice and peace at any price. I do NOT think, however, that our Bishop Burbidge is one of those. Furthermore, I exhort everyone to pray for our Bishops and Priests. How can we possibly expect good clergy except that we pray for them and act as true servants in the Kingdom of God. The danger in criticizing Church hierarchy is in assuming we ought to be a Democracy with the laity given the deciding vote. Jesus never came to establish a Democracy, but rather a Kingdom.

P.S., I take no stock in astrology. Therefore, the reference at our mutually having the astrological sign of Aries means nothing. Astrology is mere paganism, and if I know how to rid that reference from my Google blog profile, then I would do so. All that matters to me is that I am a Roman Catholic Christian.

Jamie said...

That looks fun! Anya says (well she's asleep she would say) she wants you to take her there! She misses you already so feel free to take her anytime you want =)