Friday, January 23, 2009

March for Life postscript

Well, it turned out to be a gorgeous day - sunny and warm enough that I had to shed my hat, gloves, and scarf. I forgot my camera and lost my glasses during the day, but it was still a great day!

The speeches by the polticians were exciting. Many were obviously serious Christians who quoted scripture like preachers and made me believe abortion is a core issue for them. That means that, despite the unbalanced legislature the unborn will have many voices in the halls of Congress. May God multiply them and raise up warriors from the very stones.

The saddest thing about the day for me were the signs that said things like, "I voted for Obama and I'm pro-life." Really? Do words mean anything? Obama's election is a disaster for the unborn as has already been demonstrated by his executive order today eliminating the Mexico City Policy. Refunding the U.N. Population Fund will be next. Cannibalizing babies for their stem cells is also on the refunding agenda. Despite our economic woes there will be plenty of money for the culture of death.

We are in for a rocky ride, but God wins and I plan to not just be watching from the sidelines, but to continue being a soldier of Christ in the ranks. Take a look at Alice's website for a great article on the life issues. You can see a very old picture of a younger me chained to an abortion clinic table, I think in 1978 -- hard to believe I've spent 35 years fighting the murder of children.

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