Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Birdies in their Nest Agree

Well they may agree in the nest, but that doesn't apply to the bird feeder. I washed and put away the hummingbird feeder today and replaced it with the seed feeder on the side of the house and two tray feeders in the front. And now I wait with anticipation all my winter friends. The tufted titmouse won't be long finding it. He dropped by the other day and sat on the finnial of the feeder post looking at the strawberry as if to say, "Hey, the hummingbirds are gone; now where the heck is the real food?" he will be happy to know he's not forgotten and I'm sure he'll be back soon along with the cardinal, the chickadee, the wren, the nuthatch, the finches, and the bully blue jay. The squirrel, no doubt, will find it quickly as well as the greedy chipmunk who fills his cheeks to bulging before going off to bury his treasure.

Larry is closing up the pool. It got plenty of use this summer with our two Texas families visiting for a total of five weeks and grandkids coming and going through our revolving door.
So now we turn our faces toward Fall and all the coming holidays rejoicing in God's goodness and remembering to share what we have with others who are less fortunate.

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