Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Shenandoah County Fair with Two Little Princesses

Taking it all in...

 I love the Shenandoah County Fair and we had a great time with our two little granddaughters who enjoyed every minute. We arrived right before the midway opened so guess what we did first -- got armbands and went on some rides. 

B loved the merry-go-round. A took a surry ride. Don't you love her pony's hair?

We also loved the animals: the bunnies, the goats, the little piglets
and a funny chicken who liked she was wearing a bonnet.

The John Deere display was also a big hit. The girls each chose their favorite.
B even managed to turn the lights on. Good thing there was no key!

Driving without a license got them a stint in the fair pokey. 

A and I did the slide together the first time and then she was brave
enough to go five more times on her own. Wow!

The house of mirrors was fun too and worth three or four goes.
It ended with a curvy slide. I went once too. That was enough for me!
B collapsed right before the Tiger Talks show so she missed the big cats.

This was my favorite part of the fair. It wasn't so much an anima show as a trainer's explanation
of how they go about training the big cats to do their thing. The "whips" aren't used to
hit or discipline the cats. It guides them where to go and when they do it they get a piece
of meat on the end of a stick. What a fascinating show. After that it was home with two
very dirty girls for a bath and dinner before going home with Daddy. What a fun day!